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Preparing Your Items

Clothes (Preemie - Teen)

  • We will accept one level laundry basket of clothing per week
  • Each piece must be no more than 3 years old & still currently in style
  • Freshly laundered, lay each piece flat and put outfits together
  • Please keep your Boys & Girls clothing separate in your basket
  • Organize your basket so similar items are together (ie: all pants together, all pajamas together, all tops together, etc)
  • Fasten all zippers, buttons & snaps and ensure each piece is free of wrinkles, stains, tears, fading, pilling, odours and pet hair
  • Footwear must also be freshly laundered and show no signs of wear (inside & outside)
  • Teen brand shirts will be accepted in adult sizes XS- SM (Abercrombie, Bench, Hollister, Lululemon)
*Our customers prefer brand name clothing, however, great, non-brand items are accepted!

Equipment, Gear & Furniture

  • We carry cribs, highchairs, pack n plays, exersaucers, jumpers, bassinets, strollers, changing tables, bouncy seats, swings, etc.
  • All items (with the exception of cribs) must be fully assembled and fully functioning
  • Please include manual and/or insructions for bigger items if you have them
*We currently do not accept car seats.


  • We will accept popular brand name toys for infants to pre-teens
  • Board games (with instructions) and puzzles must be in their original boxes

Books & DVDs

  • We carry only current and popular titles
  • Books in brand new condition, without tears or crayon marks
  • DVDs without scratch marks and in their original cases will be accepted

Sports Equipment

  • We will accept only the following pieces of sports equipment due to our space limitations:
    • Hockey skates & helmets
    • Dance wear & dance shoes
    • Baseball cleats, helmets, gloves & pants
    • Figure skates
    • Soccer cleats
    • Bicycles

Baby Needs

  • We accept a variety of 'must-haves' for mommy and baby:
    • Booster seats, bibs and feeding items
    • Breast pumps, nursing pillows, bottles and sterilizers
    • Diaper bags, diaper pails and potty seats, reuseable diapers
    • Blankets, crib sheets and swaddle blankets
    • Slings, wraps and carriers
These items and many more will be accepted in like new condition.